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Easol shop pages

In addition to a product page, each experience has an automatically generated ‘shop’ page, which can be found at

This page includes key details of the experience including the name, country, dates, tagline and hero image. On this page customers can add items to their cart, remove items from their cart, update item quantities and see a breakdown of the contents of their cart before proceeding to checkout.

Shop page customisation

The Creator’s brand colours set under My Site > Styles are applied to some elements of the shop page by default.

You are not able to amend the html or add additional javascript to shop pages. However, further customisations can be applied to the shop page by adding additional styles into the index.css file of a theme, using selector .cart-shop to scope them to the shop pages.

Styles added to the index.css of a theme are also applied to the shop pages. We recommend testing shop pages for a variety of product configurations after updating global styles to ensure the shop page still functions correctly.