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Items are not added to a customer’s cart when submitting a create_line_item form

For quick reference, see create_line_item

When adding an item to a cart, all relevant information needs to be included in the form to ensure the item is added successfully. The information required depends on the configuration of the experience.

If your form is failing to add items to a customer’s cart, below are some initial troubleshooting steps.

  • Which product shape is failing to add to the cart? Is it all experiences and accommodations, or just a subset?
  • Are all required input fields included? If only some experiences or accommodations are failing to be added to the cart, are there some fields missing?
  • Do the failing items have modifier groups assigned to them, and if so, have these been included in the form?
  • Is the item sold out or is the specified modification option sold out? If so, add support to display items as sold out and hide the add to cart form.

Breakdown of form fields

Field Required on
variant_id All variants
quantity All variants
modifier_ids All variants with modifications
adult_count All accommodation variants, per unit variants
start_on All accommodation variants
end_on All accommodation variants