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Variables define the fields a Creator can use to customise the content and layout of a block. Variables are defined within the blocks using YAML front matter.

Variables consist of a key, which is used to access the variable within the block Liquid code, and attributes which define the variable.

    type: string
    label: Block Heading
    group: content
    type: text
    default: Enter some nice copy about your experience
    type: image
        asset: images/sky.png
    label: Background Image
    group: design
    hint: Recommended image size 1920px by 600px

Common attributes

All variable types accept the following attributes:


Defines the type of the variable.


Defines the label for the variable shown to the Creator in the site builder. Accepts a string. If no label is defined the variable key will be used.


Defines a default value to be shown within the block preview. The variable will be prefilled with the default value when a Creator adds the block to a page. Accepted defaults depend on the variable type.


Defines which tab the variable will be added to in site builder. Default groups are content, layout, design and mobile. For custom groups, a layout must be defined in the block schema, which will replace the default tabs and any defined group will be ignored. If no group or layout is defined the variable will be added to the content tab.


Defines additional copy to be included with a variable to provide additional context or guidance to Creators. Accepts markdown text.


Defines whether a single variable is rendered, or if the Creator can add multiple instances of a variable. Accepts true or false. Multiple defaults can be defined on an array variable.

    type: image
    array: true
        - asset: images/sky.png
        - asset: images/sky.png

{% for image in gallery %}
    <img src="{{ image.url }}"> 
{% endfor %}

The length of the array can be checked by using the size method.

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