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Canvas lint

Easol has developed and maintains a gem called easol-canvas, which is used for validating Easol themes (See RubyGems or GitHub).

The canvas lint command will run the following validation checks:

  1. RequiredFilesCheck
    1. Checks that the required files exist and are not empty:
      1. templates/product/index
      2. templates/blog_overview/index
      3. templates/blog_post/index
      4. partials/footer/index
      5. partials/menu/index
      6. assets/index.css
  2. ValidHtmlCheck
    1. Validates all .html files contain valid HTML.
  3. ValidLiquidCheck
    1. Validates all .html and .liquid files contain valid Liquid.
  4. ValidJsonCheck
    1. Validates all .json files contain valid JSON.
  5. ValidSassCheck
    1. Validates all .css, .scss and .sass files contain valid SASS.
  6. ValidBlockSchemasCheck
    1. Validates the schema defined in the front matter within each block template
      1. Correctly formatted
      2. For each attribute, the required key (type) is present
      3. All keys are valid, and types exist
  7. ValidMenuSchemaCheck
    1. Validates the schema in partials/menu/index.html
  8. ValidFooterSchemaCheck
    1. Validates the schema in partials/footer/index.html
  9. ValidCustomTypesCheck
    1. Validates all custom types are valid with valid attribute definitions


To use the gem locally, you can install it and use the canvas lint command in the root of your theme directory:

gem install easol-canvas
canvas lint

There is a canvas-linter-action, which should be set up inside a theme repo to run validations on each push.